QR Codes Are a Great Marketing Tool

A QR Code stands for Quick Response Code.  It is a mobile phone readable bar code.

A QR reader ap can be installed on your mobile phone.

Encode a URL into the QR Code and then scan it with a mobile phone or other camera-enabled mobile device.  It’s a print based hypertext link

If the device has a QR Code Reader  installed on it, it will take you to its browser and go straight to that URL.

That’s not all – a QR Code can also contain a:

Website URL LinkedIn
YouTube Video FourSquare
Google Maps Location App Store Download
Twitter iTunes Link
Facebook Plain Text
Contact Details Event (VCALENDAR)
Paypal Buy Now Link Telephone Number
Skype Call SMS Message
Email Address Email Message

Wifi Login (Android Only)

Compliments of Tucson Marketing Tools let us create and add a QR Code to the next order you place with us.