How You Get New Customers with a SaveLocal Social Deal


With SaveLocal, you get new customers through your existing loyal ones by promoting your deals through social word-of-mouth. We think this works so well that our reporting even shows you how much your business grows with SaveLocal. This is how it happens:
  1. You promote the deal to your customers.

    Your existing customers are excited to get an email from you, so they open it. In the email, they are introduced to your social deal. Interested to learn more, they continue on to your landing page.

  2. Customers visit your landing page and buy.

    Once on your landing page, they get all the info they need about the deal. They love your business and they love to save, so they go ahead and buy your deal.

  3. Customers share your deal.

    Turns out, it’s really easy for customers to share your deal. Let’s say you’ve even taken advantage of SaveLocal’s bonus share coupon. Not only would they want to tell their friends about the deal anyway, but customers know that if they share your deal, they’ll get rewarded just for sharing.

  4. New customers buy your deal.

    Now your customers’ friends see your deal, and they go ahead and buy and share it too, since it came from someone they know and trust.

  5. Coupons get redeemed.

    Meanwhile, your existing customers and new customers all get coupons that they redeem with you.