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Bump – Is Your E- Business Card on Steroids, Plus More

Set up an E- Business Card in 3 Easy Steps

1. Get the Bump a free app for your Android or I-Phone

2.  Set up your Contact info with a picture of you

3.  Start bumping and share contact info between devices as fast as you would dig out and hand someone a business card.

The best part is that when you bump they instantly have your contact info in their data base, and you have theirs in yours.

No more typing in all their contact info from business cards.


How many times have you met someone and later wanted to contact them, but couldn’t find their Business Card?

If it happens to you, I’ll bet it happens to them.


Now, with that said, I still think a good old fashioned business card does a better job graphically of sharing your brand.  So why not have both?


How to use the app video

Pen Stylus with stretchable leash that plugs in your ear jack

Pen Stylus

Pen stylus- Twist open ballpoint pen,  stylus cap and stretchable leash that attaches to your devices 3.5mm ear jack

Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen 6.1.2013Quote

Pen Stylus

Branded Screen Wipes

Sometimes my phone screen is downright  embarrassing with all the smudge prints on it.  I know I’m not alone on this one.

I was introduced to a new & cool must have screen wipe. It’s  a 1″ x 1″ cloth that sticks to the back of your cell phone and peels off when you want to use it to clean your screen. When your done cleaning  just stick it to the back of the phone again. Very handy!

I should get some printed with my logo, heck everyone with a phone could flash my company name around.   Hmmm, I think I’ll look into that.

Screen Cleaner 1


Screen Cleaner 2

Screen Cleaners cards

Slogans – Ideas for creating a marketing slogan for your business

Ideas to consider when creating your slogan

Slogan - They're Magically Delicious!

Lucky Charm’s Slogan – They’re Magically Delicious!

A slogan also known as a tagline will help people understand what your company can do for them.

What does or can your slogan say about your company?

Your tagline should sum up your brand, its personality, and its promise.

When your writing your slogan a few questions to consider:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How do they want to feel if they use your product or service?
  • Is your slogan memorable?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Does yours differentiate you from your competition?
  • Does your tagline visually express the values and benefits of your product?
  • Does it state a solution to their want, need, or concern?
  • Can you say it in one sentence with 6 to 8 words?
  • Without bragging have you expressed why they should use you?
  • Does it Rhyme and have rhythm when you say it?
  • Will they trust you after reading or hearing your tagline?

A short quiz at the bottom to get your creative juices flowing when writing your marketing slogan.

Lucky Charm’s Marketing Slogan is “They’re Magically Delicious!”


What company used this slogan?

  1. Finger-lickin’ good! (1952)
  2. Betcha can’t eat just one. (1981)
  3. Just do it. (1988)
  4. Where’s the beef? (1984)
  5. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. (1954)
  6. Don’t leave home without it. (1975)
  7. Reach out and touch someone. (1979)
  8. What happens here, stays here. (2002)
  9. The king of beers. (1950s)
  10. Tastes great, less filling. (1974)
  11. The uncola. (1973)
  12. Leave the driving to us. (1950s)
  13. Let your fingers do the walking. (1964)
  14. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. (1982)
  15. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (1956)
  16. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. (1966)
  17. Look, Ma, no cavities! (1958)
  18. They’re gr-r-r-eat! (1950s)
  19. Think outside the bun. (1998)
  20. Ring around the collar. (1968)

Track Your QR Code With Google Analytics

By adding a parameter string onto the end of the URL used in your QR Code you can send everyone to the same place on your website, but will report as traffic to different pages in Google Analytics because of the ?id=xxxx bit at the end:
Make your own QR codes at:

Make your own QR codes at:

Tote Bags Make Wonderful Marketing Tools

Tote bags are great to carry what you gather at expos.

The totes become traveling mini billboards for your brand.

After the expo it has a new use as grocery tote.

I deliver orders to customers in them and they are trilled to keep the bag.

Let Tucson Marketing Tools give you a customized tote bag quote for your next marketing giveaway.

Car Sunshades are Great Marketing Tools

Sunshades can be mini billboards in a parked auto’s front window.

Have your local sign shop put your logo on your sun shade.

If you really want to expose your brand have Tucson Marketing Tools buy them for you in bulk for giveaways.

Build relationships that leave people wanting to use and refer you

For every month you don’t stay in contact with your customers and people you have met, you risk losing 10% influence. To avoid eventually being forgotten, plan and budget to stay in touch on a monthly basis.

Direct mail and Email Marketing are great ways to stay in touch by sending something relevant and of value. Your goal is to have the recipient look forward to your communication, resulting in building relationships that influence people to use and refer you.  You know you’re doing it right when people ask to be added to your list.

Remember, not everyone will be a customer, but if they like and trust you they might refer you.

Make your contact list smart by segmenting your list into different groups of interest.  What are they interested in?  Know your people!

Example: Maybe you have a lot of people on your list that like to run.

You could send:

• The schedule of monthly local runs.

• The results of local runs

• A list of running clubs.

• Running tips.

• A link to a great running blog post.

A great place to start is by sending to your largest interest group.

Design you marketing piece to be all about them, and make anything about you subtle like a signature at the bottom of the page.  Include your picture, name, company and contact info.  Should they run into you they will recognize you from your picture.  If they need you, they will contact you.  More importantly, be consistent and take the time to build a positive relationship.  Relevant marketing may take more time but the return on investment will be much greater.

Are Business Cards Dead?

Source: Barry Moltz

This week, Promotional Consultant Today takes a look at the art of networking, starting with that essential networking tool—the business card.

After shaking hands, one of the rituals of meeting in business is to exchange business cards. It’s almost a reflex reaction. But in the world of electronic communication are business cards now dead? Have the e-mail signature line and smart phone apps replaced a card? Most people say that a business card is still necessary even just because it is a tough habit to break when meeting new people.

So what information should still be on a business card or in an e-mail signature line?

Still important:
Company Name
E-mail Address
Website address
Office phone and cell phone: Who is at the office anymore?
Mailing Address: List a real street address, even if it is the home office. P.O. boxes are creepy.
Slogans: Your slogan separates what the company does from the rest of the market. Think of it as your “unique selling proposition.”

Newly important:
Social media handles for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: This makes it easier for customers and prospects to connect with you.

QR codes: a great way to tell a bigger story right on the mobile device.

Not important:
Fax number: Almost as dead as paper stationary.

Titles: Be careful of being a one-man band and having the title of CEO. It looks pompous.

Pagers: Unless you are a doctor or a bicycle messenger, leave it off.

Misspellings: Ask someone to proofread your card. Handing out a card at a networking event where the person’s title is printed as “principle” instead of “principal” is a fatal mistake.

Print that is too small: 95 percent of the population over age 35 needs reading glasses. The reader shouldn’t need to put glasses on to read your business card.

E-mail: It’s fine to use a free service such as Yahoo! as a back-end mail server, but spend some money to get an account that looks more professional. While may be functional, it is amateurish. Get an address that includes the company’s domain name and forward it to your Yahoo! address if necessary.

Home numbers: It sets a bad precedent.
Remember that the business card is not an art installation. Don’t reinvent what has worked for years. Grab 10 favorite examples of business cards. Study them by noticing their font choices including type size and color combinations. Although the logos and paper stocks vary, good business cards are very simple. Forget the gimmicks. Simple business cards still work.

Source: Barry Moltz is a small business speaker, consultant and author. He gets business owners growing again by unlocking their long-forgotten potential. He is also the author of You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business, Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success, and BAM! Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World. He hosts his own radio show, “Business Insanity Talk Radio”, and writes regularly for the American Express Open Forum,, The Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune’s Chicago Now and Crain’s Chicago Enterprise City.