Business Card Dispensers For Your Vehicle, Store Fronts & Signs

I just found out about a nifty marketing tool  that compliments the graphics I’m going to have installed on my car windows.  It’s a round weather proof business card dispenser.  If you’re in sales your vehicle can be a mobile billboard while you’re driving or parked.  If someone is interested in your product or service they can take a card from your car and contact you later.

I guess my driving and road manners better be at their best once  I have my phone number on my car.

Rumor has it that you need commercial plates if you have business signage on your car.  I have heard that it’s pretty inexpensive to get commercial plates but, the fine is pretty hefty if you get caught without them.  Since the city needs revenue I better spend a little to save alot.

I will post a picture of my car after the graphics have been installed.  In the meantime here is  a picture of someone’s Hummer with a matching business card dispenser attached to the back window. I have seen these attached to realestate signs, store fronts, and vehicles.

Wishing you  great sales & safe driving!

Pam Furlong,

Business Card Holder Colors - Flourescent Green-Pink-White=Black-Yellow-Red-Blue

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