Bump – Is Your E- Business Card on Steroids, Plus More

Set up an E- Business Card in 3 Easy Steps

1. Get the Bump a free app for your Android or I-Phone

2.  Set up your Contact info with a picture of you

3.  Start bumping and share contact info between devices as fast as you would dig out and hand someone a business card.

The best part is that when you bump they instantly have your contact info in their data base, and you have theirs in yours.

No more typing in all their contact info from business cards.


How many times have you met someone and later wanted to contact them, but couldn’t find their Business Card?

If it happens to you, I’ll bet it happens to them.


Now, with that said, I still think a good old fashioned business card does a better job graphically of sharing your brand.  So why not have both?


How to use the app video

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