July, 2015

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6″ x 6″ Full Color Imprint Microfiber Cloth

microfieber 6x6 clothe

6″ x 6″ Full Color Imprint

Microfiber Cloth Price Includes: up to a 4 color Process Full Bleed Imprint.

4 Color Process Setup Charge: 50.00 (G), Repeat Order Screen Charge: 25.00 (G).

Applicable taxes and shipping additional and pre-quoted when order is placed

Please specify Promo #E1958 to receive special pricing. Expires 9/30/2015

Weight: 5 lbs per 5 pcs.

Cloth Size: 6” x 6”.

Imprint Size: 6” x 6” full bleed, one side only.

Packaging: Each Microfiber cloth individually Polybagged (No extra charge!).

Turnaround: In hand in 16 business days.

Rush Service NOT available.

Note: Microfiber cloths are supplied with serrated (jagged) edges.


Terms: Pre-payment when order is placed


Please specify Promo #E1958 to receive special pricing. Expires 9/30/2015

Radio Flyer Wagon – Car

Radio Flyer Wagon – Car

Since 1917, Radio Flyer has delivered millions of child memories through imaginations that have taken flight with the Original Red Wagon.

Radio Flyer has brought smiles to kids of all ages.  The little red wagon has became an American icon.  Don’t we all wish our brand would become this popular and live on?

The History of Radio Flyers

The venerable, well-loved Radio Flyer wagon has been around  since 1917. Found Antonio Pasin started the company at age 16 making wagons in his shop and selling them during the day; these first wagons were called Liberty Coasters (as a tribute to the Statue of Liberty) and were sold directly to stores by Antonio Pasin and employees.

In the 1920’s as an economic depression loomed over most Americans, Antonio Pasin seemed to be going from strength to strength as he duplicated Henry Ford’s success in mass production, this time of wagons. The first line of wagons was the Liberty Coaster Line.

In the 1930’s, the company was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing from Liberty Coaster Manufacturing, Co., and became the world’s largest producer of toy wagons. In this decade, Pasin named his first steel wagon the Radio Flyer, after his fascination with the invention of the radio by fellow Italian, Guglielmo Marconi; and Flyer, which reflected his wonderment of flight.

In the 1940’s, the Radio Flyer company was asked to switch production from toy wagons to helping the war effort, and that they did: “Blitz Cans” were created en masse to help the Allies.

By the 1950’s, Radio Flyer had become a household name, and started expanding its production line to include themed toys and wagons as promotional items for movies and toys.

In the 1960’s, Radio Flyer celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the Radio Flyer line was more productive and diverse than ever, including a garden wheelbarrow, scooters, and go-carts in their product offerings.

In the 1970’s, Radio Flyer started experimenting with new designs and new concepts: the Ski Sled, a motocross bike, even an Evel Knievel wagon.

The 1980’s saw the Radio Flyer Town & Country become the most popular wagon of the decade; smooth streamlined corners, a controlled turning radius that guards against tipping, and a quiet ride.

By the mid-1990’s, Radio Flyer celebrated 80 years of being in business. They also went off-road with more durable wagons and bikes, created the Push Me Pull Me wagon, and re-introduced the classic red tricycle.

In 2003, Antonio Pasin was honored by becoming the 44th toy innovator to be inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame. Radio Flyer continues to be the world leader in well constructed wagons, bikes, and outdoor tools.