October, 2011

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Build relationships that leave people wanting to use and refer you

For every month you don’t stay in contact with your customers and people you have met, you risk losing 10% influence. To avoid eventually being forgotten, plan and budget to stay in touch on a monthly basis.

Direct mail and Email Marketing are great ways to stay in touch by sending something relevant and of value. Your goal is to have the recipient look forward to your communication, resulting in building relationships that influence people to use and refer you.  You know you’re doing it right when people ask to be added to your list.

Remember, not everyone will be a customer, but if they like and trust you they might refer you.

Make your contact list smart by segmenting your list into different groups of interest.  What are they interested in?  Know your people!

Example: Maybe you have a lot of people on your list that like to run.

You could send:

• The schedule of monthly local runs.

• The results of local runs

• A list of running clubs.

• Running tips.

• A link to a great running blog post.

A great place to start is by sending to your largest interest group.

Design you marketing piece to be all about them, and make anything about you subtle like a signature at the bottom of the page.  Include your picture, name, company and contact info.  Should they run into you they will recognize you from your picture.  If they need you, they will contact you.  More importantly, be consistent and take the time to build a positive relationship.  Relevant marketing may take more time but the return on investment will be much greater.