June, 2010

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Are your business card piles haunting or helping you?

By Pam Furlong
A solution at last; but my drama first:

I’ve gone to a lot of time and effort to meet all those people I gathered cards from. A few cards here and there turn into piles of cards. I keep thinking someday when I have time I’m going to enter them into my contact data base. I even bought a business card scanner to help. That was a great idea but truthfully not how I want to spend my spare time (whatever that means).

My best intentions have turned into haunting piles that remind me I should be staying in touch with all those people. After all the reason I went to all those mixers, open houses, breakfasts, and lunches was to build a large network of resources. Now I am avalanched by piles of business cards I keep moving out of my way.

Many people call me to see if I know any one that does this or that and having a large network of resources helps me build relationships by helping others.

It drives me crazy when I need someone’s contact info and I know I have their card. I start the needle in a haystack hunt. The big decision is which pile to start with first.

Now the other side of the coin is If only my contact data base where up to date then I could do a mailing or organize my contacts and make a plan to stay in touch. You know that “Top of Mind” thingy all the advertising agencies are talking about.

Well my piles have haunted me long enough; so I came up with a solution to my own challenge and have added it to the services offered by orders4.com so we could give the rest of the world peace of mind.

Whether you use an outside service or do it yourself get those business cards organized so they’re your friends not your fighting foes.

3 Solutions to turn your business cards into helpers verses hindrances.

1. Contact Orders4.com about our new service: Biz Card Piles 2 files:
(my favorite solution)
We transcribe and organize your business card piles into a neat digital data file that you can import into your contact data base. The digital format we offer will work with applications that accept a CSV or text file.

2. Have a data entry party and enter all your cards into you contact data base

3. The manual filing method is better than plies

Get some small index card files & A to Z tabs to fit the file boxes.

Sort & file your cards alphabetically by business name or by the person’s last name