Business Card Cutter

The Die-Cut Advantage

The Card-It punch provides the perfect professional solution
to attaching a card to all printed materials. It creates tiny die-cut slits
into which the corners of a business card are inserted. We call it “Presentation
The ability to make die-cuts, just like the ones in the pockets of presentation
folders, is available to you anytime you use your Card-It punch.

Isn’t it time you treated your most important marketing tool with the
respect it deserves?


It’s often been said that the business card is the single most important
marketing tool any business can use. We exchange cards with our customers and
prospects, we keep cards from our vendors and suppliers, and we attach them to
all sorts of marketing materials and business correspondence.

And we attach them poorly.

Business cards are stapled to letters, stuck onto sales literature with double
back tape, paper clipped to a bound proposal, or merely tossed loosely into
an envelope. Stapling a card makes it hard to remove, tape or that sticky stuff
leaves a residue on both the card and the document, paper clips are truly unprofessional, and a loose card suggests an after thought.